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Hot Dip Galvanizing Sets The Standard For Corrosion Protection In Solar Energy Projects

Solar power projects are a fast-growing part of America's renewable electricity generation infrastructure. From suburban rooftops to urban parking decks to wide open rural spaces, solar energy installations are becoming more and more common, and increasingly important to our nations's energy future.

Once installed, solar projects are continually working. Taking them partially or totally out of production for repairs or painting would be costly and time consuming, cause interruptions in operations, and waste additional energy. That's why hot dip galvanizing has become the solar industry standard for corrosion protection.

Galvanizing the substructures, frames, poles, fasteners, and other steel pieces involved in the construction of solar projects ensures they will function for decades with no maintenance, repairs, or even touchups.

Galvanizing Is Green

Like solar energy, galvanizing is green. HDG can last 75 years without maintenance, which means no additional raw materials are used or emissions created once the structure is in use.

The silver-gray appearance compliments any environment. It looks good and stays that way, without repairs or maintenance, for the project’s entire service life.

Galvan Industries Protects Solar Projects All The Way To Hawaii


Galvan is a major supplier of galvanizing to the solar power industry throughout the United States, even as far away as Hawaii.

Hawaii is adopting solar at a rapid pace. Its high cost of imported energy (three to four times higher than on the mainland) has motivated the state to become one of the largest users of solar energy. It is already one of the top users per capita and is working toward a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2045.

Galvan is helping the Aloha State reach that goal, providing protection against corrosion for the steel being used in one of Hawaii's biggest solar projects to date, a 49 megawatt solar farm being built on 300 acres of land. Construction began in early 2016 and is expected to be completed later this year. While there are many galvanizers closer to Hawaii than Galvan, our quality, dependability and customer service were recognized as greater values than any additional shipping cost.

Find Out More

Durable, attractive, sustainable, cost-effective and maintenance-free, hot-dip galvanizing provides solar energy systems of all sizes with unparalleled corrosion protection.

To find out more, download the brochure, "Hot-Dip Galvanized Solar Projects" by the American Galvanizing Association.

To discuss galvanizing protection for your next solar project, contact Ben Kelly at Galvan Industries today.

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