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GALVAN Industries Quality

Our Quality Control and Assurance Program conforms to Nuclear Quality Assurance requirements. Our in-house program was developed during production of nuclear safety related products, and was one of the first to conform to the American Galvanizers Association Recommended Standards. We were instrumental in our Trade Association's development of a Q.A. program and strongly support its use. Our finished products conform to ASTM, AASHTO, SSPC or Mil Specs.

Examples of what we regularly handle:
Fence Posts
Stair Treds
Boat trailers
Structural steel
Transmission poles
Wire mesh

Full Technical Services Department

  • Specification reviews
  • Design and fabrication recommendations
  • Product inspection and testing
  • Seminars and educational programs Matching
    Capacity To Needs

GALVAN Industries has provided quality craftsmanship for nearly 60 years. We are the largest capacity job shop galvanizer in the Southeast. We can galvanize materials weighing up to 12 tons and over 80 feet long. Our galvanizing kettle is 54" wide and 84" deep. By double end dipping or progressive dipping, GALVAN's kettle is big enough to handle most large fabrications and odd shapes with ease.

Capacity Maximums for Galvanizing and Blast Cleaning


  • Heaviest piece capable of galvanizing 30,000 pounds
  • Longest piece capable of galvanizing 83 feet* subject to depth limitations
  • Widest piece capable of galvanizing 14 feet
  • Maximum tons per hour throughput 23 tons/hr
  • Maximum lift capacity in galvanizing plant
    32,000 lbs
  • Galvanizing kettle capacity 672,000 pounds of zinc

Blast Cleaning

  • Longest piece capable of blasting any length
  • Widest piece capable of blasting 72 inches
  • Tallest piece capable of blasting 57 inches

Production Capacity

  • 15 acre storage yard
  • Mill shipments stored at no charge and shipped after coating
  • Two 15,000 lb. overhead bridge cranes
  • Two 10,000 lb. monorail cranes
  • Four 6,000 lb. monorail cranes
  • One 26,000 lb. fork lift
  • One 15,500 lb. fork lift
  • One 10,000 lb. fork lift
  • Two 8,000 lb. fork lifts
  • One 6,000 lb. fork lift
  • Galvanizing kettle
  • 42' long, 4'6" wide, 7' deep
  • Galvanizing kettle
  • 10' long, 3" wide, 4'6" deep

Full Transportation Service

Did you know Galvan can provide transportation for your materials to our plant for galvanizing and then deliver them directly to a job site within a one day driving distance of our plant? It’s true. We operate a fleet of semi and short trucks to specifically for pick-up and delivery services.

If your facility or job site is beyond a one day drive, we are happy to handle or quote transportation of your materials using our network of carrier partners, saving you time and money. Located just 12 miles north of Charlotte, NC, our plant is equidistant from New York, Chicago and Miami.

Our customer service representatives will make sure your inbound and outbound shipping suits your project and your schedule, local or long distance. Galvan is committed to meeting all your service requirements.

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