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Quality Assurance

The Galvanizing Process
Additional Capabilities

Hot dip galvanizing gives user benefits no other coating system can match:

Unbroken protection barrier – the work piece is completely covered. Galvanizing coats areas inaccessible to brush or spray applied coatings.

Thicker coating on corners and edges – extra protection for critical areas.

Impact and abrasion resistance – metallurgical bond of zinc to steel provides four layers of zinc and zinc-iron alloys. This results in great toughness.

• Coating is anodic to base metal
– cathodic action allows zinc coating to sacrifice itself to protect exposed steel. Cut edges, drill holes or abrasion an impact areas remain rust free. Coating thickness is controlled by the thickness of the steel. A standard minimum thickness results.

Predictable length of life – can be charted for varying environments.

Quality Assurance

At GALVAN, surface preparation, fluxing and galvanizing are performed in the sequence shown in the chart below. This process consistently produces high quality galvanizing coatings to the most exacting customer specifications.

All products pass our in-house Quality Control and Assurance Program to insure that the coating is in compliance with specifications. Our work conforms to ASTM, AASHTO, or Mill Specs. Certifications provided upon request.

is a member of the American Hot Dip Galvanizers Association and is involved in developing industry-wide standards for galvanizing quality.

The Galvanizing Process

Material to be coated is immersed in a kettle of molten zinc at a temperature of 850°F. The time of immersion in the galvanizing bath varies with the dimensions and chemistry of the materials being coated. Materials with thick sections take a longer time to galvanize than those with thin sections.

Small articles like nails, fittings, screws, nuts and washers are cleaned, placed in a perforated basket and immersed in the zinc bath. The basket is then centrifuged to remove excess zinc. This spinning action eliminates droplets and irregularities, producing a somewhat thinner and more uniform finish than individual dipping.

Final surface appearance and coating thickness are controlled by four factors: immersion time and/or bath temperature; rate of withdrawal from bath; removal of excess zinc by wiping, shaking or centrifuging; control of cooling rate in water quenching or air cooling.

Additional Capabilities

As a service to the fabrication industry and steel service center, GALVAN maintains equipment and facilities for these requirements:

Zinc Metallizing

This is the ideal coating for structures too large to galvanize, but which require the corrosion protection of metallic zinc. Metallizing is applied directly to the work by a spray gun, offering the application ease of paint.

Abrasive Blast Cleaning

GALVAN's equipment handles structural shapes, bar stock, angle, channel and fabrications up to 72" wide, 56" tall and any length.

Heat or Mechanical Straightening

Available if warpage or distortion of light or asymmetrical shapes occurs during galvanizing. Assures proper fit of fabrications in the field.

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