Blast Cleaning

  Blast Cleaning

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Blast cleaned steel, Metallizing Abrasive Blast Cleaning

Blast cleaning is the ideal cleaning process prior to forming, shearing, rolling, painting or galvanizing.

Blast cleaned steel reduces wear on shears, punches and roll-formers by removing abrasive mill scale. This can allow immediate painting. Blast cleaning also eliminates the need for post fabrication cleaning process.

At GALVAN, the blast cleaning process is computer controlled with automatic loading and unloading. Our blast cleaning cabinet accommodates materials up to 36" in diameter in any lengths (see diagram on back page). The steel shot used produces a smooth, clean surface ready for painting.

For work pieces too large for the shot blast cabinet, hand sand blasting with abrasive grit is available.

All work is processed to SSPC or NACE Specifications. Steel Structures Painting Council Specification, SSPC-10 (near white) is normally produced on the first pass.

Blast cleaning Specifications
Brush-off Blast
Commercial Blast
Near White Blast
White Metal Blast

Blast Cleaning Capabilities

  • Plate
  • Pipe
  • Flats
  • Angels
  • Channels
  • Castings
  • Fabricated Structural Shapes


 Blast cleaned steel

Blast cleaning cabinet dimensions


Zinc metallizing is the ideal coating for structures too large to galvanize, but which require the corrosion protection of metallic zinc. Metallizing is applied directly to the work by a spray gun, offering the application ease of paint. Metallizing, used in conjunction with galvanizing, allows any structure or shape to be protected by zinc. Additionally, metallizing is the best available method of repairing hot dip galvanized coatings that have been damaged.

This method of corrosion protection can produce a protective coating thickness from 3.3 to 8.3 mils. Applications can be done manually of mechanically and afford cathodic protection for the underlying steel similar to a galvanized coating. The steel surface must first be prepared by grit or abrasive blasting.

All metallizing done by GALVAN is applied according to AWS C2.2 or ASTM A-780 specifications.

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