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Galvan 2010 News Releases:

 Galvanized structures at the  NASCAR Hall of Fame construction site

NASCAR Hall of Fame — Charlotte, NC

Hot dip galvanizing by Galvan Industries will provide decades of maintenance-free, rust-free service life for exposed structural steel, which will also prevent rust stains from marring the beauty the stainless steel mobius ribbon which encircles the building’s roof.

Arial Shot of NASCAR Hall of Fame
Galvanized structure close up
Galvanized structure close up #2
Galvanized structure construction photo
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Galvan Industries has been a major supplier of hot dip galvanizing services to businesses and industries throughout the Southeast for 50 years. Its molten zinc process protects steel from rust better than any other coating or treatment. For more information on Galvan’s hot-dip galvanizing services or to place an order, you can email us at visit or call Galvan Industries at 800-277-5678.