Hot Dip Galvanizing



Galvan 2010 News Releases:

Charlotte/Douglas International Airport Business Valet Parking Deck — Charlotte, NC

Hot Dip Galvanizing has been specified for two previous, but smaller parking decks at Charlotte/Douglas Airport and the architect selected the coating again for continuity and previous experience with galvanized steel.

Hot Dip Galvanizing will provide decades of maintenance free service for all exposed steel of the building facia. Galvanizing provides excellent compatibility with the stainless steel panels covering the distinctive bow-string trusses.

Galvanizing gives the structure a distinctly industrial, but aesthetically pleasing overall appearance when compared with ordinary concrete structures.

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Galvan Industries has been a major supplier of hot dip galvanizing services to businesses and industries throughout the Southeast for 50 years. Its molten zinc process protects steel from rust better than any other coating or treatment. For more information on Galvan’s hot-dip galvanizing services or to place an order, you can email us at visit or call Galvan Industries at 800-277-5678.