Hot Dip Galvanizing



Galvan 2003 News Releases:

2003 Excellence In Hot-Dip Galvanizing Water And Marine Norfolk Naval Base Pier's One and 21, Norfolk, VA

This 90 by 1,500-foot structure heralds a new generation of piers at the Norfolk Naval Base, serving as a model for the rehabilitation or replacement of all the base's piers within the next 25 years. Its innovative design incorporates precast concrete pile caps, slabs and edge beams protected by aesthetically pleasing hot-dip galvanized fenders and corner bolsters. Galvanizing was chosen to protect the 500 tons (per pier) of fenders and bolsters due to its proven ability to protect steel from corrosion in a seawater environment. The pier's frames, access ladders, ramps and walkway grating and handrail were also hot-dip galvanized. The design of the bolsters required substantial coordination between the designer, fabricator and galvanizer in order to ensure adequate venting and drain holes for cavity spaces. This cooperation paid off even before completion of the pier, as a runaway barge struck one of the hot-dip galvanized bolsters. The project engineer later indicated that the barge would have destroyed the end of the pier if the galvanized bolster had not been in place. Hot-dip galvanizing delivered an aesthetic, functional and durable element of the pier. The success of this project is clear, as the U.S. Navy now plans to rebuild all of its Norfolk piers over the next decade, with hot-dip galvanizing incorporated into its plans.