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Galvan 2012 News Releases:

Galvan's Advanced Closed Loop Process Makes Galvanizing Even Greener

Harrisburg, NC -- The hot dip galvanizing process for rust-proofing steel has inherently sustainable qualities including its longevity in corrosion protection, its 100% recyclability, and its minimal environmental impact. Among companies that provide hot-dip galvanizing services, few are "greener" than Galvan Industries of Harrisburg.

Galvan Industries produces hot-dip galvanized steel with the very highest level of corrosion resistance using an innovative closed loop system that maximizes environmental sustainability. It ranks among the most eco-friendly galvanizing operations anywhere.

The Galvan approach reflects many basic principles of what has become known as sustainable manufacturing. Among the highlights of the production are low air emissions, full recyclability of zinc and steel, minimization of needed resources and complete absence of any manufacturing wastes - liquids or solids - requiring disposal off-site.

The company's investment in environmentally sensitive technology is important on several fronts. First, it represents Galvan's desire to be a good steward of the ecology and a good corporate neighbor. Second, the Galvan process for hot-dip galvanizing meets the goals of "green" development as outlined by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program introduced in 2000.

Today's architects, engineers and project owners consider a number of factors when choosing how to protect structural components on their buildings. These include initial costs, life cycle expenses, historical performance, existing specifications -- even personal preferences.

The LEED program has encouraged building professionals to design and build more eco-sensitive structures and, where possible, to adopt more resource-saving approaches. Here's a fact: while the public most often blames automobiles as the biggest generator of air-fouling greenhouse emissions, buildings on average consume more than 70 percent of the nation's electricity and produce nearly 40 percent of all greenhouse gases.

Concern for the environment is influencing decisions on what corrosion protection is most eco-friendly and which manufacturing sources are truly "green."

Study: Galvanizing "Greener" Than Paint

A recent study in Europe compared the corrosion resistance characteristics of paint coating to hot-dip galvanizing by analyzing the environmental impact and life cycle results, considering manufacturing method, use, conversion and disposal. It looked at all environmentally relevant substances, from ores and crude oil in production, to substances that end up in the environment, such as wastes and emissions.

During hot-dip galvanizing, structural steel is immersed in a molten zinc bath resulting in a 100-micrometer-thick zinc coating. The service life of a zinc coating is linear with respect to coating thickness and the type of atmospheric exposure (example: a 4 mil coating will last twice as long as a 2 mil coating in the same application.)

Normal hot dip galvanizing will achieve a coating thickness with a calculated durability far exceeding the required 60 year standard designed into the study. To achieve the same 60-year durability with paint coating, the study found, required the steel components to first be abrasive blast cleaned and painted with a three-coat paint system of zinc rich epoxy, epoxy primer and solvent-borne polyurethane to a total thickness of 240 micrometers. The paint approach would also require on-site maintenance - including partial cleaning and some repainting - every 15 years.

Also, the study compared hot-dip galvanized steel surfaces to painted steel surfaces in five sustainability categories: consumption of resources, greenhouse effect, photo-oxidant formation, acidification and eutrophication.

In every category, galvanizing proved more environmentally sensitive than painting. Painting not only required twice the resources of hot-dip galvanizing, it produced a greenhouse effect that was more than double that of galvanizing.

Hot dip galvanizing is distinguished by lower consumption of resources and less emission pollution throughout its service life. The study found that the long service life and freedom from maintenance for which galvanizing is recognized also are the basis for the environmental benefits of the process.

Galvan's Advanced Zinc Coating Process

While the Galvan hot-dip process, like other approaches, is centered on the use of molten zinc metal, many other steps in the production cycle are different. Zinc is a naturally occurring metal that is consumed daily by human beings and found in abundant portions in the earth, food and air.

Zinc is never wasted during the Galvan hot-dip process. Instead Galvan continually recycles the zinc, steel and iron in its process so no waste materials are produced. In fact, Galvan reuses some production materials that competitors ship off site to be recycled.

Acids are also used extensively in the Galvan process for cleaning steel before galvanizing. The company introduced a continuous recycling process that removes metals from the cleaning baths in the form of metal salts. These metal salts are concentrated and precipitated out, then centrifuged to remove liquids. The resulting zinc-iron heptahydrate crystal is sold for use as an animal feed supplement instead of being sent to a landfill as a waste byproduct. Water removed during the centrifuging operation is used as make-up water and is continually returned to the process tanks. In fact, Galvan holds a zero discharge permit with the State of North Carolina.

Use of hot-dip galvanizing to extend the life of steel infrastructure is a valuable way to reduce the need for replacement structures threatened by corrosion. But using galvanized steel produced in an eco-friendly plant makes that decision especially "green."


Galvan Industries, Inc. has been a major supplier of hot dip galvanizing services to businesses and industries throughout the Southeast for 50 years. Its molten zinc process protects steel from rust better than any other coating or treatment.

Galvan Industries also manufacturers galvanized, copper plated and stainless steel ground rods along with a full range of connectors and accessories. Specifiers in the electrical and telecom fields rely on Galvan for products that meet ASTM, ANSI, UL and RUS standards.

For more information on Galvan’s hot-dip galvanizing services or to place an order, you can email us at visit or call Galvan Industries at 800-277-5678.